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Terra do Caju is located in the municipality of Autazes, south-east of Manaus. There are 2 ways to get from Manaus to Terra do Caju. The faster option takes about 3 hours and requires several transfers between road and water transport. The more comfortable and authentic option is a 9-hour boat trip from Manaus directly to our project. The boat trip is only possible from the end of February to the middle of September because the water level is too low during the rest of the time.

Option A

The faster 3-hour variant involves various means of transport and works as follows. By ferry from Ceasa (port in Manaus) to Careiro da Várzea, then by bus to Açupuranga (Km 39) and from there by private canoe up the Rio Mamori to our land.

With and against
the stream

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Option B

From the end of February to mid-September the boat “Madson Filho II” takes you directly from Manaus to Terra do Caju once every 2 weeks. First down the Rio Negro, then up the Solimões and into the green of the Amazon basin. Through the narrow parana that leads to the Rio Mamori you can enjoy the breeze and the passing nature lying comfortably in a hammock. A 9-hour river cruise on the Amazon steamer to the village of the village “Menino Jesus”. From there you board the dinghy and are delivered in 5 minutes directly to us at Lago Itaúba. Captain Josa is extremely reliable and 100% trustworthy. Appointments have to be arranged with us. A hammock can be organized by us.

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