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Terra do Caju is a project for tropical permaculture and “Terra Preta” in Amazonia – Brazil. It is located on Lago Itaúba and can be reached via the Rio Mamori. We produce all kinds of food for the region. Our focus is on sustainable farming with local resources and autonomous cycles in the spirit of permaculture. We also focus on the refertilization of degraded soils with the help of Terra Preta.

In the light
of the morning sun

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What is permaculture?

Permaculture is one of the new forms of agriculture such as social, ecological or biodynamic agriculture. This movement has recognized that today’s agricultural economy has no sustainable future and is, therefore, looking for new ways.

For us, permaculture is also a way of life. In addition to food production, permaculture is also a living space where the workplace and recreational areas are united, where economic development coincides with human development and a place where the golden morning sun greets us anew every day.

What makes a tropical permaculture so special?

The best example of a tropical permaculture is the tropical rainforest. Making optimal use of the horizontal, the rainforest strives multi-layered from the dusky, decaying layer to the shady shrub layer and from the lush palm roof to the heights of the enormous giants of the jungle. For us, this is a prime example of how a multi-layered, abundant plant production can be created in a small space.

At the same time, it must be ensured that nutrient cycles are closed sustainably, organically and with local resources, since especially in tropical conditions crops sometimes yield harvests twice, three times or even all year round. In addition, the climate is limited to a rainy and dry season. This situation brings certain challenges with it which must be addressed.

Nevertheless, we believe that a permaculture with mixed crops here in the jungle is a viable, sustainable and profitable way to cultivate the land. Our goal is to investigate the productivity of various crop communities within the context of tropical permaculture and to determine the profitability of our agricultural model.

Natures language

As mentioned at the beginning, our soil is more than just a place for production. It is also Mother Earth, who gives us strength every day, who lets us smell exquisite scents and winks at us every morning when the morning sun rises over the lake.

A healthy and balanced existence is important to us. This includes to feel the sun, to be aware of the surroundings and to start the day with joy and happiness. To better learn the language of nature in order to communicate with her. In this sense, we are on our way of this unique journey.


What moves us?
What do we move?

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April 2019

Experience Terra do Caju

For those who would like to experience Terra do Caju for themselves, this can be done during the rainy season as harvesters from December to March, or during the dry season on the occasion of two visitor weeks. From 24 to 30 September 2020 we invite all interested parties to a permaculture week to get to know our farm, the plantations, fruits and their processing. From 5 to 12 November 2020 to a Spiritual Week with the themes of energies in the jungle. These visitor weeks will be an unforgettable experience with music, dance and singing.

April 2019

Terra do Caju goes online

It’s finally here, the promised day. Our website is online and at the same time, we have developed and defined our design. Sometimes it takes a bit longer than expected but we believe that the time is right. The website informs about the project and our life here on Terra do Caju. But we also hope that with the Mediathek, where we publish all our ideas, results, data, research, etc., we can start an interesting exchange with other permaculture enthusiasts and nature lovers.

January 2019

Birth Darius

Not unexpectedly a new inhabitant of Terra do Caju was born on January 1st; Darius Kunz Macedo. We are happy that the birth went well despite a midnight voyage to Manaus, that he is healthy and has been developing well in nature at Lago Itaúba so far.

December 2018

New solar system up and running

On 15 December we were finally able to boot up the new solar system. For our life here this means a quantum leap. The SMA system operates a three-phase grid and with a wattage of 13.6 kW and a capacity of up to 40 amps, it leaves nothing to be desired. Machines start up like “Grasshoppers” and even the welding only triggers a small purr at the inversor in the technical room. In order to complement our permaculture with an irrigation system and the large kitchen building, an expansion of the solar system to a total of 28 kW is planned. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Alain for his tireless efforts in installing and starting up the system. Although the system is of top quality and forms the heart of our project, the purchasing and installation was anything but smooth and efficient:

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