When we moved in on 5 October 2013, we ate dinner by candlelight. However, the first solar power was soon to come. Already on October 25th the candle became history, almost history. Because the batteries took it precisely with the warranty and after only 2 years they gave up. With new batteries came new hope but the result remained the same. We now knew that we wanted a more sustainable, more durable and safer system for the next installation. All the longer took the evaluation of the new system. But when in November 2016 we finally wanted to order the proposed system in Switzerland, the order was rejected with the reason “We do not deliver to Brazil”. The whole process started all over again. On 22.12.2017 our order was finally confirmed by the new supplier. Now the worrying began: Will the plant arrive as long as Alain was here with us for the assembly? But the delivery was delayed and so he decided to travel back to Switzerland before assembling and installing the plant in June 2018. But unfortunately the customs blocked the cargo and it was also not possible to install the system during this visit. It was not until the 4th of July that the shipment finally arrived at Terra do Caju and so Alain returned for the third time to Brazil for the installation. From November 3 to mid-December he installed the first stage of the system for us. On December 15th it was finally time and we were able to harvest the first sunrays of the day with the help of the new plant.