1. Manaus Centro – Porto Ceasa
    Shared taxi (Lotação) (10R$),
    Public bus (4 R$)
    Regular taxi (ca 40R$)

  2. Porto Ceasa – Careiro da Várzea
    With the express boat, called Lancha, from the dock to Careiro
    departs from 05.00 – 18.00 o’clock
    waiting time up to 45 min, departs when full.
    Travel time 20 – 30 min, price 11 R$

  3. Careiro da Várzea – Açupuranga, Km 39
    There is Luiz, who drives with a white VW bus directly to Açupuranga or Jonny
    Luiz, daily at 07.00 o’clock
    Jonny, daily at 15.00 o’clock
    Driving time approx. 1 hour, price 20 R$
    or taxi, 150 R$

  4. Açupuranga, Km 39 – Terra do Caju
    Pick-up by us by canoe. If nothing is agreed with us, João, the shopkeeper, will organize someone to take you by canoe to Terra do Caju (Lago Itaúba).
    Travel time approx. 80 min, price 70 R$,

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