With the arrival on Terra do Caju in 2013, a time of familiarization, of listening, of absorbing and of course of experimenting and learning began. In the process, the villagers’ from the neighboring community, as well as the local residents of the project, were a tremendous help. The project evolved into what it is today. The time was now ripe to document our ideas, progress, and views and to publish them in an appropriate way on the internet. Therefore an important step was to define our visual appearance. Christoph Bocchetti, a graphic designer from Zurich, offered his help. He has accompanied our project since 2017. Today he is on Terra do Caju for the third time, where he helps with both hands and heart. During this time he developed the design. An important aspect was to have a colorful, adaptable signet that is simple to make. The logo is intended to be an anchor for the various uses and the diverse range of the project. At this place, a big thank you to Christoph.

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